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One of the parts I love most about working with a client is after we’ve done a wardrobe edit and shop, I go back and re-edit their wardrobe and show them how to incorporate their new purchases with their existing pieces.

With their capsule collection complete, it’s time to learn how to put outfits together making dressing everyday a joy. The secret to this is understanding the anchor.

The anchor is the item you build an outfit around. This could be a skirt, dress, beautiful shirt, any key piece that you want to highlight. These are usually the investment pieces that are trans-seasonal and classic in style. They can be paired with trend accessories to change their look year after year.

This week I showed my client Sally how to mix and match outfits with some anchor pieces I found during our shop. A busy empty nester, Sally was looking for a wardrobe to go from picking up grand kids from school to brunches, dinners and the odd special event. She didn’t want to live in activewear anymore during the day and was struggling with what to wear as an alternative. She also wanted to be able to dress looks up or down and get the most out of her wardrobe.

On our shop, I showed Sally this beautiful dress from Astrology Wrap Dress from Ginger and Smart. I chose this piece for her not only because it suits her authentic style and body shape, it’s silk fabric and cut is perfect for layering and wearing from winter through to summer. The subtle print with muted colours makes it easy to pair back with different jackets, shoes, and accessories.

In this outfit, I have picked up on the light blue in the print and added a blazer from Viktoria & Woods of the same shade. Sally can wear this with white trainers, a neutral flat or heels. I also added some costume gold jewellery from Zara to finish off the outfit.

The second look with the Ginger and Smart anchor piece was to add a Helmut Lang tuxedo blazer I found on sale. This timeless shaped blazer is perfect for an evening look with this dress. We added a heel that Sally already had in her wardrobe. Again, this look could be dressed down by wearing trainers or sandals.

Another missing piece from her wardrobe was an option for spring summer as an alternative to shorts. Sally wasn’t comfortable wearing shorts, so I chose this Oroton wrap skirt in a steel grey. As you can see in the image, this anchor piece can be paired with a button-down shirt, long or short sleeved t-shirts, flats, heels or trainers.

Anchor pieces are the secret to building great outfits. They are the foundations for outfits you can mix and match for maximum wear throughout the year. These investments should make you feel great when you put them on, fit you beautifully and be your go-to for a versatile look.

Lisa Stockman

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